For the second time this wonderful band I'm part of releases an album of high and intense energy. Following "Live at Panic" (Abeat 2011) saxophonist, composer and band leader Michele Polga decides to take the group to the studio to record a new set of tunes. The outcome is "Studio Session" (Abeat 2013) featuring Fabrizio Bosso (trumpet), Luca Mannutza (piano), Luca Bulgarelli (bass) and myself on drums.

The official presentation will be held at Q Club in Padova on November 28 2013.
Tickets will still be available at the door. 

The man himself, Enrico Rava wrote some great liner notes, commenting the music on the album:

The opening is quite astounding. A fast, lively theme is carried over a very solid and effective bass line, which would definitely contradict the sense of the title “Boh” (a typical Italian exclamation denoting perplexity, surprise or some degree of incertitude) and paves the way for Polga’s powerful, engaging solo. We are instantly hooked.

So is jazz alive and is it doing well? Very definitely, and with musicians such as Polga and his fellow players one can easily capture an idea of the current fortunate lot and good health of the genre. This jazz release offers a blend of different feelings and musical elements and there are no moments of waning vitality or hesitation. We also note echoes of the work of Horace Silver, Joe Henderson and all of the great musicians of the past who made us fall in love with this type of music. But then, as we listen more carefully, we are of course fully aware that this is Michele Polga; his music is really only reminiscent of his own work.

Fabrizio Bosso is simply incredible (as always), and we enjoy the unpredictable and strikingly creative sparks he manages to generate and admire the outstanding control of his instrument. Mannuzza, Bulgarelli and Cappellato are absolutely essential; they are imaginative, alert and reactive. It is evident that it is a pleasurable experience for all of them all but it is for us too. They listen and respond to each other, offering an essential contribution towards the unity of the band.

Apart from ‘On Green Dolphin Street’ and the final blues track, these pieces were all composed  by Polga, who once again proves himself a moving saxophonist but also as an extraordinary composer and sound designer.

What else can we say? This is a great, truly authentic jazz album. This is the way they used to be produced and they’re increasingly rare. In this sense too I appreciate the fact it closes with a slow blues piece. It is basically one of those albums that you just want to play again and again. 

October has been a month of great new encounters and high energy. The Free Spirits/Steve Reid Foundation 12-hours musical marathon in Berlin was one of the most memorable events I have been involved in. I got to meet and spend time with some legendary talents of the likes of Gilles Peterson, Fourtet, Floating Points, Fuasi Abdul Khaliq and Dwight Trible. Not only that but we were honored with the presence in the audience of some old time friends and great artists such as Kurt Rosenwinkel, Andrea Benini (Mop Mop), Rabih Beaini (who opened for Astral Travel with a deep spiritual DJ set) and Daniel Best

(Unity right after a deep cosmic jam between Astral Travel & Horace Tapscott Memorial Ensemple at Free Spirits, Berlin)

On October 19 Astral Travel was invited by Circolo Culturale Controtempo to perform at the series "Le Nuove Rotte del Jazz" (New Routes in Jazz) along with Norwegian guitarist Eivind Aarset and piano legend Bobo Stenson at Teatro Miela 
in Trieste. And if this was not enough, last friday I took part to Mark de Clive-Lowe's Church project at Uberjazz Festival in Hamburg featuring violist and arranger Miguel Atwood Ferguson, vocalist Tawiah, saxophonist/flutist/composer Finn Peters and bass player Manuel Hugas. Some of us met for the very first time and as it happens sometimes, it resulted in some magic musical moments.

Next and last appointment in the fall with Astral Travel will be in my hometown Padova at Fishmarket celebrating the release of "Cosm'ethic" on Jazz Re:Freshed Records along with those who made it happen: TwICE (Black Aroma), Volcov (Neroli/Archive) & Mark de Clive-Lowe. I'm really looking forward to this one, CD's will be available at 10 Euros. Spread the word!!!

Together with Gilles Peterson & the Brownswood Label, Berlin based promoter J.A.W Family set up a special event around the extraordinary music universe of NY Drummer Steve Reid (RIP) with the aim at raising money for the Steve Reid Foundation & helping Festsaal Kreuzberg with its reconstruction.

This event brings for the first time in Berlin worldwide renowned DJs, Producers & live musicians together for a day & night of independent, improvised & spiritual music. All proceeds will go to the Steve Reid Foundation to support Steve’s close friend & musician Arthur Blythe who’s currently struggling with Parkinson’s disease.


Sunday October 13// 3pm - 4am // Festsaal Edition c/o Prince Charles 

Gilles Peterson (Brownswood Recordings BBC 6 UK) 
Floating Points (Eglo Records UK) 
Four Tet (Text Records UK) 
Claas Brieler (Jazzanova DE) 

Horace Tapscott Memorial Ensemble (US DE) LIVE
Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq (tenor sax)
Ghasim Batamuntu (soprano sax)
Bobby West (keys/ Fender Rhodes) 
Kenny Martin (drums)
Daryl Taylor (bass)
+ very special guest Dwight Trible (vocals) 

Astral Travel (Jazz Re:freshed IT) LIVE 
Tommaso Cappellato (drums) 
Alessia Obino (voice)
Anna Maria Dalla Valle (flute)
Paolo Corsini (piano/fender rhodes/ moog synthesizer)
Andrea Lombardini (electric bass)

Pre-sale tickets only available on Resident Advisor 

Astral Travel was welcomed and well received at Mau Mau Bar in London with great energy and enthusiasm by the Jazz Re:Freshed crew and a wonderful audience. It was great to finally meet in person the masterminds behind this generous collective, Adam Moses, Justin McKenzie and Bunny Bread and we were honored with the presence of some vip's such as Dego and Robert Strauss.

Physical copies of the album with refined graphic design and packaging are finally available at http//

Here's an extract of the gig while performing "My Body Needs To Breathe, I Doesn't" with Alessia Obino (voice), Anna Maria Dalla Valle (flute), Paolo Corsini (keys) and Marco Privato (bass).

After 6 months of intense work the album "COSM'ETHIC" with my new project ASTRAL TRAVEL is out on the great UK label JAZZ RE:FRESHED. The band includes Alessia Obino (voice), Anna Maria Dalla Valle (flute), Paolo Corsini (rhodes/synths), Marco Privato (bass) and special guests MC's Chauncey Yearwood and Yah Supreme.

The album includes original compositions and improvisations by members of ASTRAL TRAVEL and it indends to be a tribute to Spiritual Jazz and a dedication to one of my mentors Harry Whitaker, mostly known for his composition "We Live in Brooklyn, Baby!" with Roy Ayers & Ubiquity and for his master album "Black Renaissance".

Each song tries to express the various stages of Astral Traveling, a technique to master lucid dreaming and out of body experiences leading to higher spiritual realizations.

I want to give special thanks to the following people for the support and inspiration in the making of this album:

Alessia Obino, Anna Maria Dalla Valle, Paolo Corsini, Marco Privato, Adam "Rock" Moses, Justin "Top Rock" McKenzie, Bunny Bread, Enrico Crivellaro aka "Volcov", Max Trisotto, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Emi Onishi, Rabih Beaini aka "Morphosis", Mauro Santinello, Chauncey Yearwood, Yah Supreme, Andy Barlow, Dego, Kaidi Tatham, Akwasi Mensah, Theo Parrish, Patrick Gibin, Alessandro Zamperini. 

On AUGUST 15 2013 ASTRAL TRAVEL will perform the CD releasy party at Mau Mau Bar located at 265 Portobello Rd. West London - UK. Can't wait!!

After 6 months of hard and intense work the album "COSM'ETHIC" will be released on July 22 2013 by UK label and collective Jazz Re:Freshed. It is a big honor to be part of this wonderful family of musicians, djs and visual artists that have been making it happen in London through their weekly venue for over 10 years, non stop.
ASTRAL TRAVEL will perform the official album release party on August 15 2013 at Mau Mau Bar in London. I'm very excited to visit the city for the first time and for such an event. Following is the first album teaser shot by Bunny Bread, one of the master minds at Jazz Re:Freshed. Many thanks also to Adam Moses and Justin McKenzie for believing in such a project!

Exactly one year after its first official appearance at the ancient Castle of Padova on June 23 2012, The Tommaso Cappellato Orchestra will perform at the beautiful Villa Cattaneo in San Quirino (PN) for the Friuli Venezia Giulia Festival, on June 21 2013 (facebook event). This is the sixth concert in one year and the sound of the band is really coming together. I have to thank all of the great musicians who've been taking part to the project putting all of their energies and enthusiasm, and the promoters who've believed in this big dream of mine. Here's the great line-up for the concert in San Quirino:

Michele Corcella (arranging/conducting)
Alessia Obino (voice)
Piero Bittolo Bon (alto sax/flute)
Michele Polga (tenor sax)
Giovanni Masiero (baritone sax)
Gianluca Carollo (lead trumpet)
Mirko Cisilino (second trumpet)
Filippo Vignato (lead trombone)
Andrea D'Inca' (second trombone)
Matteo Alfonso (piano)
Pasquale Mirra (vibraphone)
Andrea Lombardini (bass)
Marco Bonutto (percussion)
Tommaso Cappellato (drums) 


 This is how the Orchestra sounded a year ago at the Castle. Come check it out now!!

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