Rising Fall

Fall is usually a very exciting time for everybody. People had enough of vacationing and resting and are geared up for a new season of creation whatever their field is. That's exactly how I feel, except I could already use some holidays and we haven't even started! Following are some of the things worth mentioning that are lining up in the coming season. But besides music the biggest change I'm going through is quitting coffee and experiencing a whole new dimension... dude!

• Upperground Orchestra "The Eupen Takes" is officially out and great-selling worldwide.
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• My brand new ensemble Astral Travel (a tribute to Spiritual Jazz and a dedication to the memory of Harry Whitaker) has already called the attention of a few international artists after the first couple of shows (e.g. Dego & Theo Parrish)


• The double saxophone quartet Nesso G (with Michele Polga, Francesco Bigoni & Danilo Gallo) will soon be releasing a full HD video of the concert held at Teatro Torresino in Padova for the series "Centro D'Arte - Ostinati 2012".


• The new series "Ombre Di Jazz" held at Risorta Osteria Del Refosco in Padova will soon start. Many great Italian jazz artists on the billboard. I proudly curated the series with an amazing team of artists and music lovers, Alberto Grinzato owner of the venue, Simone Settimo photographer, Paola Offelli graphic designer,  Studio PRP publicity.


• Many exciting performances ahead with the following: Rabih Beaini & Bill Kouligas, Mark De Clive Lowe, Two Not One (Mirko Guerrini, Nico Gori & Stefano Senni), Fabrizio Puglisi, Nicole Mitchell, Simone Massaron, Richard Julian, Michele Polga, Fabrizio Bosso & more. Please check out the SHOWS section for details.