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Astral Travel


Tommaso Cappellato
Camilla Battaglia (voice)
Achille Succi 
(flute, alto sax, bass clarinet)
Fabrizio Puglisi (piano & synths)
Marco Privato



Astral Travel is a band inspired by drummer and composer Tommaso Cappellato. It's a tribute to Spiritual Jazz, a style that Cappellato came to discover through one of his mentors during his 9-year permanence in New York, pianist and arranger Harry Whitaker, composer of "Black Renaissance", a 70's rarity. The name of the project is suggested by one of Pharaoh Sanders' compositions, a key player in this particular genre since the mid sixties, along with Sun Ra, John and Alice Coltrane, Archie Shepp and many others. In July 2013 Tommaso Cappellato & Astral Travel release the album "Cosm'ethic" for the UK label Jazz Re:freshed, an establishment in the underground scene for jazz, funk & soul worldwide, receiving entusiasthic feedback from illustrious DJs:

Gilles Peterson - BBC Radio 6 "yessir love it!"
Mike Chadwick - Jazz FM "Been streaming it over the weekend, incredible." 
Patrick Forge - Da Lata "Thank you so much, it renews my faith in music when you put out music of such pedigree, this album blew me away. I can certainly hear the influence of Harry Whittaker, but that's a great influence to bring to bear! Sublime."
Robert Strauss - Personal Life "beautiful, up lifting...apocalyptic - Another quality / forward thinking & release from a classic imprint with with an unmistakable sound"
Mr. Bongo - “Were feeling this at Bongo HQ for sure, Spiritual sunshine business” 

Astral Travel e' un progetto di Spiritual Jazz, una corrente partita da lavori quali "A Love Supreme" di John Coltrane e l'immensa produzione di Sun Ra, un jazz cosmico che si espande in ampi territori di fusione stilistica che comprende funk, afro-jazz e latin e abbina alla creativita’ una valenza rituale. Il titolo dell’ensemble e' ispirato a un brano di Pharaoh Sanders contenuto nell'album "Thembi" ed e' un omaggio alla figura del pianista Harry Whitaker, compositore del raro album "Black Renaissance", col quale Cappellato ha avuto l’opportunita’ di collaborare durante la sua permanenza a New York. Nell’estate 2013 Tommaso Cappellato & Astral Travel pubblicano il disco “Cosm’ethic” per l’etichetta inglese Jazz Re:Freshed, da dieci anni un’icona nella scena underground londinese. Il disco, prodotto e arrangiato da Tommaso Cappellato, contiene brani originali a cura di tutti i membri della band, ed e’ presto passato sotto gli occhi di DJ e speaker radiofonici internazionali. L'album e' stato incluso nelle migliori produzioni del 2013 nel sito Bandcamp e grazie a questa produzione Cappellato e' stato nominato migliore artista dell'anno nella trasmissione radiofonica "Jazz Ain't Jazz 2013" a cura del leggendario DJ giapponese  Shuya Okino dei Kyoto Jazz Massive.

November 19 2015 - Jazz Re:freshed, London Jazz Fest (UK)


July 7 2012 - Bugs Festival/Corte Radisi, Verona (IT)

September 28 2012 - Laurin Bar, Bolzano (IT)
August 15 2013 - Mau Mau Bar/Jazz Re:freshed, London (UK)
September 28 2013 - Bar Viola Viola, Schio (VI) (IT)
October 13 2013 - Prince Charles/Free Spirits/Steve Reid Found., Berlin (DE)
October 19 2013 - Teatro Miela/Le Nuove Rotte del Jazz, Trieste (IT)
November 01 2013 - Fishmarket "Resurrection", Padova (IT) 
January 24 2014 - Casa del Jazz, Roma (IT) 
March 27 2014 - Spazio Indue, Bologna (IT)
April 3 2014 - Social Jazz Club, Brescia (IT)
April 10 2014 - Q Bar, Padova (IT)  
October 16 2014 - TAG Club, Mestre (VE) (IT) 
December 22 2014 - Jazzclub Ferrara, Ferrara (IT)
December 23 2014 - Cantine de L'Arena, Verona (IT) 
April 15 2015 - Take Five, Bologna (IT)
April 19 2015 - Conegliano Jazz & Blues Festival, Conegliano (TV) (IT)
April 20 2015 - Paradiso Perduto, Venezia (IT)
April 22 2015 - Cockney London Club, Correzzola (PD) (IT)
April 23 2015 - Un Tubo, Siena (IT)
April 24 2015 - Exwide, Pisa (IT)
April 26 2015 - Spazio Aereo, Marghera (VE) (IT) 
May 13 2015 - Giardini del Teatro Astra, VICENZA JAZZ FESTIVAL (IT)

Here's a little teaser of the forthcoming Jazz re:freshed release "COSM'ETHIC" from superlative Italian drummer Tommaso Cappellato and his mercurial outfit, Astral Travel. Mentored by the legendary Harry Whitaker, Tommaso Cappelatto & Astral Travel have created a thoughtfully constructed work, steeped in the sensibilities of deep spiritual jazz, yet futuristic and fresh in it's execution. This is a project we are extremely excited about.